Masters Cup

Since inception the Masters tournament has been at the core of Sonali Othith UK Projects. It has witnessed footballing spectacles never seen before in the UK within the Bangladeshi community. Teams from all over UK have had the pleasure of being part of this prestigious tournament. We have built a platform where all of the footballing ferternity have become ever closer to each other like never before. We are an united family community cohesive, brotherhood and above all friendship has been at the forefront of Sonali Othith UK.

Masters tournament teams 2023

The winners of Masters Cup 2023 - Congratulations to Birmingham Veterans

Birmingham Vets - 2023 winners

Bongobir Osmani

Dockland FC Legends


Weavers FC

Shorditch FC

Shadwell FC

Revive FC

Poplar Vets

Nanu FC - Leeds

Mohamadan SC

Kentish Town FC

Impact FC

Hawk & Eagles Vets

Bromley FC

Camden Town Panthers FC

Wapping Vets

Team x

Team x