For the last 20 years Sonali Othith has been the for front of organising football tournaments to help the older generation (35 +, 40, 45 and 50+) to stay fit and healthy, also focusing on wellbeing.
Sonali Othith has also been organising football tours nationally and internationally. Partnering up with other football organisations. We have organised successful educational exchange programs.
The primary aim and objective of the organisation is to provide a platform for the older generation for healthy living through football. Also inspire the younger generations to follow healthy living plans.
Staying active through football helps with weight management, boosts mental health also improves core strength and helps with social interactions.
Sonali Othith has been very successfully in unifying communities together from all over UK and abroad. The Upazila Cup tournament attracts people to organise, participate and support their team.

Greater Upazila Cup 2017

The tournament and activities organised and facilitated by Sonali Othith.

Masters Cup

Greater Upazila Cup

District Cup

Sonali Othith future plans

Provide structured football training.
FA Level qualifications for over 40’s.
Health and mental wellbeing workshops.
Establish efficient and constructive networking with agencies and other football organisations.
Provide a safe environment for Senior people and residents from local community to congregate where they might develop life skills through programs Sports (Football) educational coaching and physical activities.
Recognise and acknowledge individual and talents by presenting special awards at annual event.
Media presents locally, nationally and internationally. Design one stop website which will provide active living advice and sign post to other organisations.

Meet the Team

Jamal Uddin

Chair and Founding Member

Faruque Mahfuz Ahmed

Vice Chair

Joynal Abdin Miah

Secretary and Founding Member

Selim Uddin


Abul Kashem

Press and Publicity Secretary

Shafiqul Islam

Team Manager

Abdul Mohid

Organising Secretary

Hafizur Rahman Hafiz ( Laku )

Executive Committee Member

Cllr. Suluk Ahmed

Executive Committee Member

Fawwad Ahmed Khan

Executive Committee Member

Asake Ullah

Executive Committee Member and Founding Member

Manik Uddin

Executive Committee Member and Founding Member

Sheysta Miah

Executive Committee Member

Akik Miah

Executive Committee Member